Not a bad weekend to get rid of some old electronics -- the right way. Sometimes you hang on to old electronic items, especially, because there are so many rules to throwing them away or recycling them.  Well, this weekend is the ninth annual Electronics Recycling Day at Taft Furniture, 1960 Central Avenue.  The event will be held from 7am to 1pm Saturday.  Any electronics you have such as printers, computers, fax machines, cellular phones, VCRs, DVD players, wire, cable, modems, airc conditioners, microwaves, etc. will be accepted.  However, batteries, thermostats, thermometers, toasters, hair dryers, ink cartridges or medical/hazardous waste will not be accepted.


The only thing it will cost you is a $2 donation to benefit the St. Peter's ALS Center and the feeling that you got rid of that old electronic stuff you never know what to do with!  And you'll also get the feeling of discarding it the right way and helping the environment.

The event is hosted by WNYT-TV News Channel 13.  For more information, you can either call the ALS Center at 525-1629 or you can online to

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