Once a week, most of us have garbage pickup at our homes. We used to have these blue or green plastic crates or bins to put the stuff to be recycled in.

Single Stream Recycling

Most of us had two or three of them, so we could separate the different things to be recycled, like newspapers, plastic bottles, cans and some other stuff. Some people were very careful about separating properly. I admit that I wasn’t one of them. It’s not that I don’t care about the environment. I would recycle but I would just throw everything into the one bin because I usually didn’t have that much stuff to separate. Well that’s a thing of the past for most people, including me. Thanks to modern technology, we now have “Single Stream Recycling.” It all goes into one specially marked garbage can. No more small, individual bins.

You don’t have to separate anything. Newspapers, cans, plastic bottles all go into one container. You might call it recycling for dummies. I’m glad they made it easy for dummies like me. In the Albany area, my refuse pick up company, County Waste has done this, complete with specially made garbage trucks. I would just like to thank them for making a very important task so simple.

If you have this service, do you like the way recycling is done?

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