If you are anything like me, you may have asked yourself recently, "Hey self, how can I help out a really great cause and get rid of all these Twisted Tea cans at the same time?" Well, fortunately for all of us, a listener named Ed recently contacted me with the perfect solution.

Ed is a longtime listener to WGNA and specifically to the morning show. He also loves horses. Recently Ed ask me to spread the word about "Hydrate for Hay" a fundraiser with a modest goal of raising $5000 worth of hay September. I think it is a great idea.

The hay will be used for the rescued horses at Peaceful Acres Horses and the best part is you can schedule a pick up right from your home or even better bring your returnables right to Peaceful Acres and visit the rescues.

If you love animals and hate trudging your cans and bottles to the store or recycling center this may just be the perfect way to help.

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