When it comes to any event that you buy a ticket for, it's best to just stay in your seat while the event is going on. If you are at a baseball or football game, you aren't allowed on the field. If you are at at WWE event, you aren't allowed to jump in the ring. Same goes if you go to a concert. Unless you have a pass that says you can be on or backstage, it's best if you just stay in your seat and enjoy the show.

At a recent Darius Rucker show in Boca Raton, FL, an overzealous fan decided to go where he wasn't supposed to and paid the price.(jump to about 1:13 in the video):

I know Darius is a big footall fan(A Miami Dolphins fan if I am not mistaken) so I know he had to enjoy that football like tackle the security guard made. It was hard for him to keep a straight face after it happened!

So there is your lesson for the day boys and girls, unless you are invited up on stage, STAY IN YOUR SEAT!

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