Unashamedly, one of my favorite parts of football season is the food. Jalapeno poppers, chips and actually good dip, meatballs, nachos: the only limit to gameday snacks is your imagination. Unless you’re animal rights group PETA.

They’re targeting a New York football tradition that’s become a global food phenomenon with a new PSA to coincide with the start of the NFL’s 2022 season. What food is the source of their ire? The Buffalo Wing.

A Wing And No Prayers


First served in Buffalo in the 1960s and most commonly attributed to Anchor Bar, the Buffalo wing remains one of New York State’s greatest contributions to the NFL - right up there with the Giants’ 2007 Super Bowl win over The Patriots.

PETA’s peculiar new video shows people in a focus group asked to describe what comes to mind when the leader says the word chicken. Of course, the group launches into how delicious they find Buffalo wings.

One man says he gets a family bucket of chicken and doesn’t stop eating until he throws up. The man then laughs maniacally and high fives another member of the group. At the end, it is revealed that chickens have been monitoring the focus group from behind one way glass to the visible shame of the participants.

The PSAs already started airing in Buffalo last week, right before the Buffalo Wing Festival at Highmark Stadium over Labor Day Weekend. PETA is using the video to promote meatless alternatives for the season.

In fairness to PETA, there are copious options for meatless wings these days. I’ve personally had deep-fried cauliflower Buffalo “wings” at a party once and I liked them. But maybe it’s time we all band together and protest something far more sinister about wings: the celery on the side.

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