You read that right.  This is no joke (I don't think!).  Plus top Father's Day gadget gift for under $100, plus the age old question - should you keep your computer on during a thunderstorm.  It's Tech Talk. 

You thought I was lying.  Dominos Pizza is testing a remote controlled helicopter that will deliver your pizza  (and I'm not sure if I'm being pranked or not, but I don't think I am).  You think I'm kidding…. It's called the Domicopter.  It carries the pizza in a cradle and can of course fly over traffic.   The Huffington Post reports that it delivered 2 pizzas in 10 minutes on a 4 mile journey in the UK.
                                           Top Father's Day Gift for under $100
It has 750 channels, including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Cloud player and it also looks through the TV networks and finds stuff to watch.  it might be delayed a bit from the original broadcast date, but it's still great.  The remote has a built in headphone jack too so you can crank up the volume.  For a complete review of it, go to my personal favorite "geek" sites -
photo by richie phillips
                            Quick Computer Tip - Unplug it in a lightning storm, or else!
to answer the age old question - is it Ok to continue to use my computer in a thunderstorm, the answer is no.
Can your little HP laptop withstand 50,000 volts?  And that's just in one inch of lightning, according to
Even if you have one of those cheesy surge protectors, you should turn it off and unplug it too.  Static electricity is the killer.
(i remember my wife had a pair of furry slippers on years ago, touched me and it zapped my computer screen.  But it was a Commodore 64, so no big loss.
Do you keep YOUR precious desktop on during a storm?  Would love to know below!