Domino's wants to provide your picnic spread the next time you are chilling at your favorite local park!

It happens every time. You get to the park for a picnic, and you inevitably forget something. Or ants raid that basket! Or, you just get hungry and have nothing to eat. Have no fear, it's Domino's to the rescue.

Now, they won't exactly bring your your food to your specific location at lets say Washington Park in Albany, but they will deliver to several hotspots in that park! The pizza chain has deployed locations at parks through out the area where you can meet them for delivery.

Some great local parks where you can get Domino's at there hotspots include Washington Park in Albany, Saratoga Spa State Park and Frear Park in Troy. And it is not just parks. There are business and other locations throughout the Capital Region where they will now meet you to hand off pizza!

You can see Domino's map of hotspots here.

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