A family dog that was trained to chase geese, ended up falling through some ice on the Hudson River in Melrose.

Dog Silhouette
Dog Silhouette - Photo Courtesy Of Ingram Publishing

It happened on Tuesday. Cyrus, a one and a half year old dog, ran behind the owner’s home chasing the geese, when he ended up going into the Hudson River on an icy patch, and fell through the ice. Shawna Barsky, Cyrus’s owner, called Cyrus to return to her. Cyrus is still considered a puppy. But Cyrus just kept going.

At first, they didn’t know the dog was in trouble, but it wasn’t long when they discovered that he was. They called 911. Several fire departments responded, including the Melrose Fire Company and Hemstreet Park Fire Department. According to the story from News 10 ABC, the first responders rescued the dog using ropes. Cyrus was pulled from the icy water and is doing fine.

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