At one point I was on this brands bandwagon, I know many people who still are.

Now with New York being one of the biggest states in the country this is a very arguable point. So many may feel that other brands represent the Empire State better. If so feel free to tell us!! The brand according to Mental Floss to rep New York is Verizon. This I cannot agree with. Now while many in the state have this as their carrier I believe there is another brand that defines the great NY better than Verizon.

Here is my basis. Lets take a peak at other states. Ones who have a brand that actually calls that state home. Washington has Starbucks. Vermont has Ben and Jerry's. Massachusetts has Gillette and Pennsylvania has Hershey. How come we aren't represented by General Electric? Is it because Verizon is the only carrier to have service in the most desolate parts of the state? Agree or disagree on Verizon?


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