We are traveling today and I now have the drill down pat. It took a couple of vacations before I realized just how particular Jenn is about cleaning and disinfecting EVERYTHING.

To understand the levels that Jenn goes through, you would have to know that when her son Ryan was a baby, his immune system was compromised. So all the cleaning she does is from a Mom's love to make sure her son would be safe. Having said that, I am now part of the sanitizing and I have grown to embrace the clean.

When we fly out today, Ryan and I know that Jenn goes into our row of seats on the plane and wipes everything down. She will wipe the seats, the arm rests, the seatbelts, the tray tables, the above lights and fan switches and even the window shade. Then we can sit down. It doesn't end there. When we get to the hotel, we have to wait outside of the room until she goes in all hazmat like with her wipes and disinfectants. She cleans everything from scrubbing the tub to wiping down the remote and all of the switches and fixtures. Jenn is very thorough.

I am not knocking why she does it, because I truly understand. I sometimes just want to start my vacation sooner and risk getting sick. I guess I should thank her instead because she does keep Ryan and me healthy.

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