We all know that germs are out there.  On door handles, shopping carts, even in hotel rooms.  But do you do anything about it, other than washing your hands all the time?

I read recently that hotel rooms are the most germ infected places out there!  Light switches and remote controls are found to be  the most germ infected objects in a hotel room.  I can see that.  I have also heard from hotel staff, don’t use the comforter because they are not washed after each use.  WHAT?  How can that be? Apparently, the sheets are the cleanest part of a hotel room as they are washed daily!

It all reminds me of a great comedy routine Jim Gaffigan does on hotels. In it he says something to the effect of, I love that if someone tried to give us a used mattress we be grossed out, "Ewww, no I do not want a USED mattress!", but we will gladly give someone $200.00 a night to sleep on one that 20,000 other people also slept on.

In the comments section of the article I read, I was amazed at what people do when they stay in hotel rooms.  One person’s advice was to strip the bed when you get there and bring your own pillow.  One comment mentioned a woman’s mother used to make her wear flip flops in the hotel room when they traveled and she makes her family do the same!    So it got me thinking, should I be traveling with my Clorox wipes?

When I do travel, I admit I take the bedspread off the bed and don’t use it.  But should I be doing more?  Do you?  What hotel room tips do you use when you travel?  Do you have any horror stories that changed the way you travel?  Post them!  Maybe I will use some on the air!