I'm usually not a sucker for Disney movies, but the trailer for The Lion King looks pretty amazing.

When I was watching football on Thanksgiving and the trailer came on, I was mesmerized.  I tried to fight it, but the CGI of the animals, James Earl Jones' voice, and that music hooked me.  I almost held my 3 year old up over my head, but I couldn't scoop him up fast enough.  So I grabbed a forkful of mashed potatoes and held it towards the television.  The Lion King is going to be the biggest Disney production of all time, I have no doubt in my mind. Disney can't screw this up and I don't believe they will.

The Lion King Official Tease trailer - which debuted yesterday -  has already been viewed almost 11 million times in about 24 hours.  It's scheduled to hit theaters on July 19th.  The movie might do a a billion in the Summer months alone.

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