What you knew as Magic Forest is now Lake George Expedition Park and Dino Roar Valley and now, we know when they're opening!

Lake George Expedition Park and Dino Roar Valley announced that the wait is over and will be opening on Memorial Day weekend. That doesn't mean that you have to wait until then to get tickets. According to a recent press release, tickets are on sale now and in different increments.

  • Tickets to just Dino Roar Valley: $21.99 + tax
  • Tickets to Magic Forest: $17.99 + tax
  • The 2-park combo: $35.00 + tax
  • Fossil fixers build-and-play workshop: $38.00 + tax
  • Diggin’ Up Dinos Workshop: $38.00 + tax
  • They’re also offering silver and gold season passes for $69.99+tax and $85.00+tax, respectively.

Their plan is to be open 7 days a week through the summer and then less hours as we get into the fall and then close for the season in October.

Also, if you want your kid to be a star, today is the last day to enter them in the Junior Dino Roar Valley Ambassador contest. As Chrissy wrote in her post about the contest, "The winner will deliver an official Dino Roar Valley welcome message that will be played at the park during the 2019 season."

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