Does your kid love dinosaurs? Does he or she want to show off their knowledge on TV and at the new Dino Roar Valley in Lake George? Here's how your kid can get discovered. Sign your child up to be the Dino Roar Valley junior paleontologist and share their excitement, love and knowledge of dinosaurs. According to the Lake George Expedition website, they are running a three week contest to find young talent that will showcase your kid's passion for dinosaurs, geology archaeology and paleontology.

Dino Roar Valley has teamed up with public television station WMHT to find an official Junior Dino Roar Valley Ambassador. The winner will deliver an official Dino Roar Valley welcome message that will be played at the park during the 2019 season.

To enter, you must create a :60 or less video of your child telling all he or she knows and loves about dinosaurs and fill out the details and upload your video in the form HERE. Entries must be received by April 17, 2019.

To get the complete list of rules and requirements click HERE.

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