You're trying to get your money out to pay and, one quick movement and you've ripped it. Did you know there's a better way to fix it than just with tape?

I saw this trending on Twitter at the end of the week and thought it was pretty interesting. Money circulates for awhile and it gets old and rips easily. It doesn't mean you should be down $20! Mashable says all it takes is a letter to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing under the Department of Treasury.

Daily Show writer, Dan Amira wrote a letter about his newly ripped $10 bill to the Bureau. He said about three months later, he received a check for $10 from the Department of Treasury. Apparently, there's a whole department called the Mutilated Currency Division who deals with restoring currency. All they ask is that you send back at least 50% of the currency and if you have less than 50%, you must provide sufficient evidence that it's been "totally destroyed," like water damage, fire damage or shredding, in some cases.

Here's one example, that hopefully you won't have to experience:

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