'Tis the season for 31 Nights of Halloween on television, eating way too much candy, and watching Hocus Pocus over and over again until November. If you're one of those people that have watched Hocus Pocus 20 times already this year, did you know there's a drinking game?

With everything that involves alcohol, please drink responsibly and only if you're of legal drinking age. You could always play with soda, juice, or water and drinking this amount is not condoned.

Hocus Pocus is not only one of my favorite Halloween movies but it's one of my favorite overall movies. Something about the storyline, the cast, the acting just gets me in the childhood feels every time. Now, I just found on Distractify that I can bring my favorite childhood Halloween movie into something for my adult age.

Apparently the rules of the Hocus Pocus drinking game have been going around Twitter but a home bar idea and accessories site, Homewetbar.com, put the most popular together.

Take a Sip Every Time:

  • Sanderson Sisters smell or inhale deeply (like when they're smelling for children)
  • Binx is sarcastic
  • Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker) gets flirty
  • The Sanderson Sisters come across something modern and are horribly confused by it
  • Binx talks about his sister Emily

Take a Gulp Ever Time:

  • The spellbook opens its eye
  • Billy Butcherson loses one of his limbs
  • The bullies in town call Max "Hollywood," since he's from California
  • Winifred calls out to her book
  • Whenever the Sanderson Sisters cast a spell

Take a Shot Every Time:

  • Somebody talks about "Yabbos" (boobs)
  • Someone protects themselves with a salt circle
  • Whenever you hear the words "Hocus Pocus"
  • Whenever Max and Dani have a sentimental sibling moment

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