By now, everyone knows someone who has had COVID-19. If you had it recently and recovered from it, there is a desperate need for plasma donations to save lives. Here's how you can help. After recovering from the coronavirus,  I have been looking into donating blood and plasma. The American Red Cross says that those who have had COVID-19 are carrying antibodies that could help others fight this virus. They are contained in the plasma of the blood of those who have recovered.

According to News 10 ABC, convalescent plasma is in dire need and in short supply. This is the one thing that can help patients that are battling the coronavirus. If you have recovered from the virus, the plasma containing antibodies will help boost the immune system in someone who is battling the virus.

To be eligible to donate convalescent plasma, you must be seventeen years old and weigh at least one hundred ten pounds. You also must be in good health and feeling well even if you are being treated for a chronic condition. But most importantly, you must have had a prior positive diagnosis for COVID-19 with no current symptoms. Officials say that if you have fully recovered from the coronavirus you can give convalescent plasma every seven days as long as you still have the antibodies in your system. To sign up and get more information, click HERE.

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