Since it's the Christmas season, we have to ask: It's not "Emmet" Otter is it?

The answer is no, so I guess this critter would be called "Condemn-It" Otter.

Of all the things that could potentially terrorize Upstate New York residents, ie taxes, gas prices, and inclement weather, it's hard to hard to imagine a cute and seemingly harmless creature creating so much stir in Albany - but that's what's happening here.

Photo: Google Images
Albany Pine Bush - 6 Mile Waterworks

Multiple outlets are reporting that an OTTER is terrorizing people inside a park in Albany with fears that it may be rabid, see the video below!

This was posted on Facebook yesterday from the Albany Water Department:

"We would like to advise anyone visiting the 6 Mile Waterworks Park to be aware that there is an aggressive otter that is chasing visitors. We are working with DEC and Albany County Animal Control to remove the otter from the park. If you see the otter, do not engage and call Animal Control at 518-462-7107 as soon as possible. We will provide an update once the otter is gone." -AWD


The video below is from CBS in Albany.

In it, you can see what appears to be a playful critter outside of the water, hopping around and looking for something other than a fish. Some human flesh perhaps?  We're not sure, but these guys have sharp teeth, used for capturing fish and crushing seashells.

He may look cute, but the DEC fears that the otter could have rabies, and warned visitors to stay away at Six Mile Waterworks Park inside the Pine Bush of  Albany County.

If you see the otter, do not engage and call Animal Control at 518-462-7107 as soon as possible.

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