Everyone has an opinion on Governor Cuomo and how he's been doing with our state. Regardless of how you feel about him most of the time, it's hard to dislike this new change he's implementing.

Governor Cuomo just announced on April 17th that New York State will grant free tuition as well as room and board to the families of New York military members who may have been killed or disabled in the line of duty, according to WTEN.

As WTEN reported, "Cuomo said there's no need to wait for lawmakers to act, so he has directed education officials to begin covering tuition costs for dependents of fallen or permanently disabled service members."

This entire idea isn't completely new. New York State already covered tuition for the dependents of service members killed or disabled in combat or training but it wasn't all-inclusive. Cuomo did admit that the expansion will cost the state money but feels it's worth it for the cause that it will be helping.

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