Something we honestly should've been celebrating for years, but better late than never. If you're a veteran, active duty, friends, family, or just support our troops, this is an event you need to add to your calendar.

Crossgates Mall, partnering with the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce have announced through their website, the Capital Region's 1st Military Awareness Day. The event will be held at Crossgates Mall on the lower level (near Lord & Taylor) on November 2nd from 10:00AM-4:00PM.

The event is to bring awareness to the amazing men and women who put their lives on the line to fight to protect this country and our freedoms. There will be help for potential job opportunities, education, recruitment, business development, and other support for veterans, those currently serving, as well as their families.

The event is completely free to attend and will also begin the soon-to-be annual "Honor a Living Veteran" event at 10:30AM. The hope is just to showcase and unite all of those in the area who fought or are currently fighting and show our support.

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