It must be tough being a weatherman (OK, weatherPERSON).  When it's cold for days on end, how many ways can you express it without eventually running out of adjectives?  And the same goes for this unGODLY hot weather.  Sometimes, you've gotta get creative, like these fine meterologists

This montage was put together by CNN.  Since hot weather is about the only thing on peoples' minds these next few days, I thought it would be apropos (yes, that's how you spell it - I looked it up!).

screenshot cnn weather story

And not to be outdone, our own weather guru from News 10, Steve Caporizzo, had his own description, and a warning to boot.

Screen shot Steve Caporizzo

There you go.  I think we've exhausted all the ways to say it.  Well, sorry, but I have to run. Wait.  RUN? Forget about it.  It's hot as H*LL out there!

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