This makes me angry.  If it were me I'd charge anybody who grabs someone on stage  with "performing artist assault".  I made that term up myself, but there should be something like that in the law books.  Video to follow

This is actually not the first time for Taylor to have someone accost her, but this time it really seemed to throw her off for a second.  According to, she was in Edmonton, Albert's Rexall place when a fan tried to grab her during her singing of the song "Bad Blood".  It sure raised her blood PRESSURE for a second.   Check this out.

Security was right on the case, however and pulled him off.  I have to hand it to Swifty.  She is the ultimate professional.  She didn't stop the show and storm off like a prima donna.  She didn't stop and give a long drawn out 'woe is me" speech.  She continued to give the audience their money's worth (and I'm sure they would pay a decent amount to see her)  Kudos to her. And in the meantime, maybe we can get that "performing artist assault" law passed!