Here are the shots that I attempted to take inside the TU Center. I think you know how difficult it is to get good shots inside at a concert when you are far away, but i gave it the old college try.  My compact camera did a better job than my expensive one - go figure

Here are a smattering of shots.  Maybe you can pick yourselves out of the crowd.  Some of these were taken from right in front of the stage on the floor behind the barrier, so I got some good ones of the first few rows anyway.  We had a blast joking around with those folks, and you know who you are!

Apologies to Josh Thompson.  I have no shots of him, but if you would like to contribute any that you have, I will gladly update this.    (by the way, at the bottom of this article, there is an important announcement, so please read - you're gonna love it)   Now on to the pix.

countryfest 2012 waiting to get in

countryfest 2012 escalator



Joe Nichols

Eric Church

If you can recognize who's arm that is, you're pretty good, but give it a try!

Thanks to all who came.  And for you folks who really REALLY wanted an outdoor concert only, 'GNA is here for you, SURPRISE!   We have yet another event planned.