More and more stars are being political on Twitter. Country stars are no exceptions. Here are a few of your favorite country stars tweeting about the election last night.

REBA MCENTIRE:  "Vote, vote, vote!  I did!!!"

LEE BRICE:  "Our country gives us the opportunity to have a voice!  Our troops defend that freedom day in & day out.  Exercise that opportunity & go vote!"

JAMES OTTO:  "Don't listen to any celebrity when they tell you who to vote for. They don't know anymore than you do.  Vote your heart & conscience."

WILLIE NELSON: "Vote!  It's your most important job today."

RODNEY ATKINS:  "Do your American duty and vote!  Your voice counts!  The only way it doesn't is if YOU choose not to be heard.  Greatest country in the world!"

THOMPSON SQUARE:  "Just voted!  Man it feels good to have that right.  Hope everybody does the same.  God Bless America."

JOE NICHOLS:  "Get out and vote!  It's a right that our military has given us with blood.  Don't waste it."

HANK WILLIAMS JR.:  "Generations of brave men and women have defended our country and freedom to vote!  Take advantage of those rights!"

JAY DEMARCUS (of RASCAL FLATTS):  "Please don't forget to vote.  It is your right, exercise it!!"

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