This has been a question for many of us in Albany - Is  Governor Andrew Cuomo content to stay in the area, or does he have bigger plans? I decided to take this issue on musically, with apologies to Blake Shelton and Michael Buble. 

The big criticism with our governor in the press is that it seems that he is out of town more than he's here. The pundits are wondering why, but as we get closer and closer to the next presidential election, it might not take rocket science to figure it out.

I took that angle for my parody of the week. This is a send-up of Michael Buble's "Home," covered also by Blake Shelton.


                                                   "Andy Come Home" 
                              New Lyrics @2014 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
                               Parody of "Home", by Michael Buble
Another empty seat
In downtown Albany
No one answers the phone
The New Yorkers all grown,
The governor's not home
HEY Andy what the hell
Again you're AOL
ll his office phone
And you get a dial tone
We kind of need ha man
You're in Afghanistan
Are you setting the tone
To go off on your own
The Governor's oversea

Meanwhile in Albany

Call his office phone
And you get a dial tone
Nobody home
Is there a reason that we're never seeing you about
There seems to be little doubt
You're still POed at Teachout
But sometimes we feel like noones here to run the show
It makes us kinda mad
Your nothing like your dad
The mansion isn't right
You want a house that's white
With a really big dome
I guess it's well known
Your not coming home
We're getting concerned
Finish your term
Get your ass home

Ironically, in his defense, I found an article on from 2012 that criticized him for the exact opposite reason, saying that he's never tested the waters OUTSIDE of the Adirondacks. Go figure!  Only time will tell which direction he will go in.

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