The owner of two motels on Central Avenue in Colonie that were shuttered and considered uninhabitable by the Town Of Colonie, was supposed to be in Colonie Town Court on Thursday.

Google Street View and Bro.Lou Roberts

Instead, his lawyer went to the court date without him. Alex Patel was offered a deal to avoid paying fines and he rejected the offer. The offer included demolishing the Blu-Bell and Skylane Motels and not to use the property for motels. According to Patel’s attorney, he wants to reopen the businesses after he makes the needed renovations.

In the story from News 10 ABC, town officials believe that there are too many motels. Patel  would need to submit the proper proposals, and also needs to show that there’s a need for more motels on Central Avenue.

Now, it’s up to the judge to check out all of the motions and then set a date for a trial.