I've driven this path many times and it's always congested, but with construction beginning Monday expect even heavier delays.

It's a $33 million dollar project and it will inevitably mess up your commute if this is your stompin grounds. But, it is a necessary fix, years in the making. The project itself will be replacing the bridge that carries Route 146 over the Mohawk River, connecting Clifton Park and Niskayuna.

You can expect more than just a bridge repair with this construction. A new roundabout will be created at the intersection of Aqueduct Road and Route 146. There will also be some improvements to Riverview Road which will include a bicyle and pedestrian path.

The contruction itself is bound to cause some headaches for travelers and an estimated time that this project would take hasn't been confirmed. However, when all is said and done the portion of Route 146 being worked on will eventually be 4-lanes. So, know that the headaches you have starting Monday will eventually be smooth sailing, um, driving.