This one was a collaborative effort between facebook folks and yours truly, and I appreciate the participation.  On to the "Your Town Thursday"  song for Wilton, NY

Grant Cottage
from Grant Cottage website

This is just one of the more interesting sites in Wilton, NY. (It's more than just malls!)  Did you know that this even existed?  You can find out more by visiting their website.

However we can't ignore the malls and the amazing growth of the area.  We lived in Wilton area between 1998-1998. I can remember when we used to take our son into the newly built Wilton Mall and we were the only ones in there.  We predicted that it wouldn't last two years before going out of business.  Shows what WE know!  It's now a shopping mecca, and I guess you would have to give lots of the credit to then supervisor Roy McDonald - hence the parody of "Old McDonald" that you are about to hear.  Thanks to Kathy Wallace and other contributers for the inspiration.

Would you like to hear other "Your Town Thursday" songs?  Maybe there's one about YOUR town that you missed hearing!  Click on the button below and enjoy! 



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