I'm honored that my friend asked me to stand with her on one of the most important days of her life, but it's my first time doing this and I have some concerns.

Apparently no one around me gets married because the number of weddings I've been to I can count on one hand. This year, I will have the honor of standing up with one of my good friends as she marries the love of her life. I couldn't be happier for her, her soon-to-be husband, and her asking me to be a part of it. That being said, we just did our bridesmaid dress fitting last night and I'm worried I'm not cut out for this.

First things first, friends, don't ask me to be your Maid-of-Honor. I love you but I'm not your person. My friend's Maid-of-Honor is incredible with everything planned, Facebook groups, and that's just not me.

Trying on the dresses was fun but I was completely out of my element. Again, I will be no help to you here. I don't know what'll look good on you, I don't know what colors to pick, and last night, I just tried on whatever was handed to me. I just don't know.

Next, is trying to plan a bachelorette weekend. I know, in the end, we'll have a lot of fun. The minute the words "I have sashes for us to wear" happened, though, I realized that maybe I'm just not cut out for this. I'm not the type of person who would have strippers and sashes and matching shot glasses, but it's fine if she is, I'll happily be a part of it, that's why it's her wedding and not mine.

I love my friend dearly and will do my best to be the best bridesmaid I can be but, and I'll say it again, I may not be cut out for this. Maybe it's because I want her to have the best day possible that I'm starting to thing I'm just not "bridesmaid material." In the end, I'm just hoping I don't screw everything up for someone I care about.

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