He is one of my favorite comic actors of the 60's (the 70's, 80's -hell, you name the decade!).  87 year old (!)Dick Van Dyke and his wife were luckily rescued from his burning car! 

You might know him from the classic movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".  No?  How about "Diagnosis Murder", or the classic "Dick Van Dyke Show"?  Doesn't matter how you know him, but you can feel relieved that he's still with us after THIS incident!  Here's the story from Enews

Tell me - How does a Jaguar go up in flames? Did it run out of oil?  I've had cars in my early days that would have self-combusted, but they were only worth about $150.

Who knows the reason, but we are glad they are both safe.  (Wow, and I thought his worst accident was when he would trip over a hassock -you'd get that joke if you were born more than 50 years ago)

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