'Come Dance With Me' remains one of the most popular Country Line Dances in the world.  This is quite impressive, as there are very few dances and songs that become so universal that the same versions are actually done all over the world.  However, Country Singer Nancy Hays and Jo Thompson were able to find that lucky 'hardwood' hit that has become a timeless classic.

Nancy Hays will join me along with guest dance instructors and country dance groups from all over the nation for the annual Caribbean Country Dance Cruise Feb. 23-March 2, 2013.  As we begin to register people for the cruise, we wanted to take a moment to feature Nancy Hays.

Why do you think 'Come Dance With Me' is one of the No. 1 line dances in the world?

I think it's the number one line dance in the world because Jo Thompson is an amazing choreographer and she created the perfect dance to it.  People love the message of the song and it's smooth and melodic and beckons you to the dance floor.  I also think it's really popular because the dance is pretty simple and anyone can do it, so it's not intimidating.  Even though it's simple to learn, no one ever gets tired of it.  I am very grateful to Jo Thompson for making it a world wide hit.

What inspired you to record/write the song?

My music has always appealed to dancers so "Come Dance with Me" seemed like the perfect message to put into a song by Nancy Hays. The inspiration came from the dancers themselves.

Where is the most interesting place you've ever seen or heard of the dance being done?

I saw a YouTube link once that someone sent me from somewhere in Asia that looked like a football field of dancers.  They were all dressed exactly alike and the camera panned over what appeared to be an endless sea of people all dancing to "Come Dance with Me", perfectly synchronized.  It was incredible to see that the power of the internet has spread the song all over the world to places I never dreamed of and may never get to visit in person myself.

What are some other songs that you perform that you love to see people dance to?

I love to see dancers on the floor during many of my songs but lately "True Love", "Man in the Moon"  and "Sentimental Ol' You" have become popular favorites.  I also have a new song that I am working on called "Heart Like a Train".  I performed it on my latest tour of the UK and the dancers really responded favorably to it.  I am hoping to release it on a mini-EP (hopefully available in time for the cruise) and iTunes soon. Other popular dance tunes include "One Thin Dime","Man What a Man", "Put on Your Dancin' Boots", "If It Looks Like Love", "Natural Thing" and "Someday Soon".  But, my personal favorite is the song I wrote for my Dad, simply entitled "Dad".  My dad was my hero and he passed away many years ago, but when I sing that song I picture him right there with me no matter where I am in the world.  I know he would be delighted to see people dancing to it and remembering their own dads.


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