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Top 10 Nancy Hays Dances – Caribbean Country Dance Cruise
As we prepare to load up a ship of Country Dancers for a great week of Country Music and Dancing, we'd like to share some of the most popular line dances choreographed to Nancy Hays music. Nancy, best known for 'Come Dance With Me,' will join guest instructors for concert/dances on board the 2013 Caribbean Country Dance Cruise February 23.
‘Come Dance With Me’ Singer Nancy Hays Joins Country Dance Cruise
'Come Dance With Me' remains one of the most popular Country Line Dances in the world.  This is quite impressive, as there are very few dances and songs that become so universal that the same versions are actually done all over the world.  However, Country Singer Nancy Hays and Jo Thompson were able to find that lucky 'hardwood' hit that has become a timeless classic.