It is a rite of passage when graduating from high school pulling an epic prank that will graduating seniors will remember for a lifetime.

What was your senior tradition during those last few fleeting days of high school? Was it a senior cut day? Or maybe just a day-trip somewhere fun? For many schools, that tradition is pulling a SENIOR PRANK!

I have heard about many senior pranks over the years that were downright mischievous, and many that went a little too far. But a recent prank pulled by the East Greenbush School District graduating class fell under the category of good-hearted fun with a stroke of prankster genius!

Columbia High School Principal Wakes Up To Epic Senior Prank

Imagine waking up in your home, with a house full of people ready to greet you before dawn! That is exactly what the Columbia High School Senior class did at their Principal's home recently as their senior prank..

Yes, the Principal of Columbia High School woke up to this great group of kids below,at 5 am! And no epic prank that early would be complete without some breakfast - the entire Columbia High senior class greeted him with coffee and donuts!

I give this prank a 10 out of 10 - some good-natured fun they will never forget, and they also showed that any good house guest, or guests in this case, never shows up empty-handed!

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