Two motels that have become eye sores in Colonie will be torn down.  

Google Street View and Bro.Lou Roberts

Everything began at the Blu-Bell Motel and Skylane Motel on Central Avenue, in January of last year. Authorities raided both motels, shuttered them and then considered uninhabitable. That led to the owner to go to court, a few times. Back in November, he was offered a counteroffer, where he would have avoided any fines. He rejected it.

Alex Patel, the owner of the two properties, was in Colonie Town Court earlier today. Patel agreed to a deal that will include tearing down the buildings, and he will not have to go to jail or pay any fines. According to the article in the Times Union, he is going to have to apply immediately for permits to demolish the buildings. Both structures are expected be torn down within 90 days.