Quick! Look through your wallet and that weird place you keep change in your car because it could make you $500 locally.

A local jewelry store, Ferris Coin and Jewelry on Wolf Rd in Colonie, is going to give away $500 for one particular quarter, according to CBS 6.

For the first time in 227 years, the U.S. Mint is adding a new letter to the quarters. If you're unfamiliar, every coin has a letter on it that designates the mint that produced it. There are two letters you're used to seeing "D" meaning it was minted in Denver, Colorado and "P" meaning it was minted in Philadelphia. This year, we'll be seeing a new letter, a "W."

The "W" will represent the West Point Mint in the Hudson Valley. Ferris Coin and Jewelry is looking for a quarter with that "W." They've just been released into circulation so there aren't many of them but if you happen to find one, it could be worth $500.

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