South Glens Falls Police are looking for the public's help in figuring out who this guy is.

The man walked in to the McDonalds on 111 Main Street around 9:30 Sunday night.

When he got to the counter he showed a small black gun to the clerk and told the employee to give him the money from the register. The employee put the money in a bag and the robber took off, though it's not known exactly how much cash he got away with.

Police were called to the scene, even using dogs to track down the robber, but the dogs lost the scent about a block away from the McDonalds. Tough to tell based on the security camera photo since the suspect's face was completely covered, but he is described as a male, about 5' 6" tall.

If you can somehow figure out who this guy is, South Glens Falls Police would like to talk to you. You might not be able to tell anything from the photo, but maybe you saw somebody running into the woods around that time or you know somebody that showed up somewhere with a giant wad of cash. The smallest piece of information could lead to a big find.

From the information provided it doesn't sound like anyone was injured, but still a pretty scary situation for the people working that shift.

Again, if you know anything or saw anything, get in touch with the South Glens Falls Police Department, they can be reached at 518-792-6336.

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