Howe Caverns is one of those places that I think almost everyone in the Albany area has gone to at one time or another.

Howe Caverns Google Street View

It’s a great place to bring your family and explore what’s below the earth. My favorite is the boat ride on the underground stream. It is also less than 50 miles from the immediate Albany area, located just outside of Cobleskill.

There are now plans to reopen a section that has not been open in at least 100 years. The section that will be opening has been dam-shuttered. Beginning on May 3, people will be able to take a tour of the reopened section of Howe Caverns. According to the story from WNYT, the trip will last for about two and a half hours. This soon to be open section is being called the “Signature Rock Discovery Tour”.

This trip could go along with some of the stories that I did a while back about day trips that you could take. Places that you can drive to that do not take too long to get to.