The Ruby Tuesdays in Mohawk Commons, Niskayuna, has been sitting there empty since 2016 and finally, a business may be moving in.

It was a huge surprise (to me anyway) when the Ruby Tuesdays in Mohawk Commons closed in 2016. Since then, it's just been sitting empty surrounded by booming businesses. After all of the time, it looks like a business is taking a look at the space.

The Daily Gazette reported that Chase Bank is looking to open their next location on the land that Ruby Tuesdays is on. If the Niskayuna Planning board allows it, they're looking to tear down the building that's there now to build something that is better used as a bank. They hope to have enough room for a drive-thru, add "green space," and to reconfigure the already established parking lot.

Apparently, their plans are not going over so well with the Planning Board who don't want them to tear down the building. It seems like Chase Bank is passionate about the space, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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