The old Ruby Tuesday location is being repurposed into a new Mexican restaurant.

As businesses start to reopen in the Capital Region, a new Mexican restaurant is getting ready to open. Sabor Azteca is the the process of setting up shop, and by the looks of things, should be opening soon.

While the restaurant has not publicized a target date or time-frame to open, you would have to imagine they are getting close to opening their doors: their website, lunch and dinner menus are now up online. Plus, the restaurant is also currently taking applications online.

Looking at the menu, they have everything you would expect as far as Mexican fare. Plus they have great combo options available., an a la carte menu to order as you see fit and some vegetarian/vegan options.

Here's to hoping our reopening phases go according to plan in the next few weeks so Sabor Azteca gets to open as planned in the coming weeks. It has been tough to see so many great, local businesses shutting down during this pandemic. Some positive news on the business front, as well as some local job creation, will certainly be welcome sight.

And on a lighter note, another great Mexican spot with hopefully some great margarita's will be nothing short of wonderful.

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