it's about time, right?  Makes total sense, doesn't it?  You would think everyone would be on board with a decision like this, but in Clifton Park I guess they don't necessarily see eye to eye.

According to the, there is a new sheriff in town -  the concussion sheriff.   He works for the US Soccer Federation and according to the newspaper, this governing body for youth and professional soccer now says that kids under 10 years old will not be allowed to "head" a soccer ball.

If you are 11 to 13 years old you can do it in practice but not in a game.

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Of course they're doing it to limit injuries and especially the dreaded concussions that  have been happening.  But some parents are saying that, while it's basically a decent idea, a lot more concussions happen during other parts of the game, like when kids knock their heads together trying to reach for a ball.

Some of the local soccer leagues in the area are waiting for "official new guidelines on headers and treatment of concussions before setting definite rules for the spring season". 

So I'm not sure what the downside would be of passing such a restriction, but maybe you can enlighten me and the rest of the readers here.  Do you disagree with the ruling? Why or why not?  Would love to know, although to me protecting a kid's head should be no brainer (no pun intended). What say YOU?

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