Someone following you around, standing right behind you, breathing heavy on your neck - these are things you expect to experience at a haunted house, but this couple encountered it at a store in Clifton Park.

I saw a post getting shared virally on Facebook and then reported on by CBS6 describing a man seen at a Clifton Park Target creeping out some of the customers. The post was originally done by Andy Lloyd talking about his recent trip to the store with his wife Molly.

Molly said, at first, she noticed a guy staring at her so she decided to try and switch aisles a bunch of times but each time he ended up there. Andy was close-by, giving the man the benefit of the doubt until the man was following his wife aisle by aisle. Molly reported that at one point he was standing so close to her that she could hear him breathing.

Once the man saw Andy nearby, he ran off, hopped in his car and sped away. According to CBS 6, "The couple says the man was about 6’5”, about 250 pounds, sandy-blonde hair, duck-footed when he walks, wearing plaid shirt, jeans, and a wedding band. They say he was driving a Nissan Sentra with Massachusetts license plates."

Molly said that she had nothing in her cart but their young daughter and was afraid that he may have actually been after her. State Police said this was the first report with this description and will be looking for the man. The couple is just hoping to make people aware of the situation.

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