We all dream of winning the big lottery jackpot and talk about what we would spend all of that money on. We say we would pay off debt, travel the world and help out those in need. So I decided to ask what my 8 year old son, Ryan, would spend the jackpot on. Here's what he said. It's always fun to talk to a kid about adult things. As an adult we are all jaded and skeptical about a lot of things. When it comes to the lottery and winning over seven hundred fifty million dollars, I know what I would spend it on, but I thought it would be fun to ask Ryan his plans for it.

Here are some things Ryan would buy if he hit the $750 million Powerball jackpot.

The Powerball jackpot is $750 million and the drawing is Wednesday night at 11pm. There are 44 states that participate in the Powerball. Good luck everyone!

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