I love my dog Freddie and I always want to keep him safe and healthy. There were a few questions that I needed answers to about keeping my furry buddy safe in the winter. So I thought I would ask the GNA Pet Professors. The winter can be brutal for people and it's worse for our furry friends. I had some questions about clothing, protecting their paws in the cold and protecting them from parasites.

I met with Dr. Rachele Masters who is a veterinarian at the VCA Animal Health Center. She answered all of my questions and we got to play with two cute dogs. Check out Cora and Lexi who were our furry models.

Every month, we will be talking with the experts at VCA Animal Hospitals to give you the information you need to properly care for and interact with your furry friends.

GNA's The Pet Professors is brought to you by VCA Animal Health Center in conjunction with VA Shaker Animal Hospital.

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