Whenever SNL breaks out the “guest host answers audience questions” template for the opening monologue, it feels like a sign that the writers waited until the last possible moment to write this bit and couldn’t come up with anything better. And yet, when they use this formula for Chris Hemsworth, it works for one reason and one reason alone: their guest host has a couple of famous (and not-so-famous) brothers who can join him on stage.

Shortly after stepping on stage, Hemsworth brings out his brothers to share the spotlight. There’s Liam Hemsworth one of the stars of the Hunger Games series; Luke Hemsworth, a working actor who has yet to really break through in the United States; and, uh, Callum Hemsworth, who is played by Kenan Thompson.

The joke is simple enough, but it works because Thompson commits to it. Wearing a blonde wig and sporting an Australian accent, he tries and fails to blend in with his far more handsome siblings. Yet he jumps forward to answer all of the questions first, including a query directed at Chris Hemsworth about what it is like to be the sexiest man alive. And then Kate McKinnon shows up to play the Hemsworth family matriarch, completing the 40 percent fictitious family tableau.

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