Weight Watchers announced that they are hoping to help ten million people this summer adopt healthier eating habits and to lose weight for free. I have used the Weight Watchers program in the past and have had much success. Now the weight loss giant is trying to help teens. They will offer free memberships to teens ages thirteen through seventeen this summer. Weight Watchers says they want to help the development of healthy habits at a critical life stage.

Weight Watchers is also going to remove all artificial ingredients from their products that have their brand on them. According to News 10 ABC, Oprah Winfrey (spokesperson and stake owner in Weight Watchers) released a statement saying, “I am inspired to be part of this purpose-driven mission as we deepen and expand our own connection to communities, making wellness accessible to everyone.”

I think it's a great idea to help the teenagers not only with better eating habits but also the program will build their self-esteem. What do you think of this program for teens?

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