"Two and a Half Men" is one of CBS's highest rated tv show, but everyone's wondering if the end is near, thanks to Charlie Sheen. We all know that "good Ol' Charlie" has been "bad ol' Charlie", quite often lately. It seems this time, it may be the end, at least for the season. After he went on a more than nasty rant on a radio show, with most of the remarks aimed at executive producer Chuck Lorre.  From a story from A.P., an agreement with CBS and Warner Brothers, the two companies that produce the show, in a one sentence statement, both stated said they were ending production on the show, for the season, a decision based on the "totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition." Sheen is one of television's highest paid actors, but that also may be changing.

Charlie's actions are being compared to the actions of Mel Gibson. I think they should make a new reality show.

Since there's "The Real Housewives of" series, how about "The Real Actors of-" series. They could follow the actors around the studio and record what goes on. "The Real Actors of Two and a Half Men" could be the first.