On Saturday, Mechanicville's own, Chad Brown won The Preakness with a horse named Cloud Computing who was a pretty big long shot at 13 to 1.

My family has known Chad and his family for a long time. My late Uncle John would help Chad and mentor him for years. Chad's mom plays bocce with my mom in tournaments and leagues.

I am not trying to sound like those people who say, "Oh yeah I know Chad." What I am trying to get across is that, from a city of about 8,000 people, if we know the family, we are proud. We want everyone to know that when someone from our small community makes it big or is successful, we, in turn are successful and proud.

We are not bragging, we are beaming. Being from Mechanicville is something we hold dear and when one of us is not only a great human being from a great family, but making us proud, that's something special.

Congratulations to Chad and his family. On behalf of Mechanicville, way to go!

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