Do you think you could go an entire concert without taking out your cell phone? If more concerts jump on this new trending product, you may have to.

When you go to a concert, I'd be surprised if you never took one picture or video the entire time you were there. Sure, it's better to enjoy the concert through your own eyes and not filtered through a cell phone lens but you probably want some memories from the night. A recent concert at Ommegang Brewery introduced a new product called Yondr that changes the entire experience.

The way it works is that as you walk in, you're given this Yondr pouch for your cell phone so no one has to take your phone away from you. Once your phone is inside the case, it locks and you take your phone to the show with no way of getting into the pouch. At the end of the show, you tap it on an unlocking base and take your phone home.

This isn't just trending for concerts, it's also being advertised for court, events like weddings, schools, comedy clubs, hiking, and any other place where you shouldn't be distracted by your Instagram when you should be focusing on the world around you. Do you like this idea for concerts? Do you think you'd enjoy the show the same if you couldn't use your cell phone?

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