There is a cyber scam that is circulating throughout New York state that is targeting teens. New York State Police say this catfishing scam is targeting teens on the internet. These criminals work through the teens' social media accounts pretending they are someone else and gain their trust.

After the cyber scammers gain the teens' trust, they try and get money or other things from them In many cases, according to News 10 ABC, the catfishers ask for photos and videos of the teens usually in a provocative position. Then they will demand payment so that they won't release the photos or videos online or throughout social media. They usually demand thousands of dollars.

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I have a ten-year-old and I am already worried about what he looks at on YouTube and other stuff online. We have secure parental controls on all of his devices but when he becomes a teenager, things get a bit more serious. It's important to follow these guidelines from the New York State Police to help keep your kids safe from online scammers and those trying to catfish your teen.

NYSP encourages parents to constantly monitor what their kids are doing while they are online and who they are interacting with. For teens online, never share personal information like full name, phone number, or address. Don't ever accept friend requests from people you don't know. Never open emails, click on links, or download anything that you get from people you don't know. Also, never ever share photos online or through texts. If you think you have been a catfishing victim you are urged to contact your local police.

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