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Liam Neeson Lives Like a King in this 34,000 sq. ft. Mansion Upstate NY
One of Hollywood's biggest stars, Liam Neeson is reportedly worth over $150 million dollars.  It shouldn't come as a surprise, considering that the 69-year-old has been in almost 100 films. Born in Northern Ireland, the leading man with starring roles in films like Schindler's List, Star Wars Episode 1, Batman Begins and the Taken franchises, commands somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million p
Super Trooper: Off-Duty Trooper Saves Elderly Woman Choking in Upstate Diner
A New York State Trooper came to the aid of a choking, 90-year-old woman in an Upstate diner who was having breakfast with her very pregnant granddaughter at the time the harrowing incident occurred. According to a report in NNY360.com, off-duty State Trooper Joshua Cox was eating breakfast on Wednesday with his wife inside a diner called Shorty's in Watertown, when he heard some commotion and dis

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